Friday, March 25, 2011


The last couple of weeks has seen the start of a very exciting project for me, that of creating my own ebook publishing business. My first ebook has been published the charming and inspirational "The Little Buddha" by Claus Mikosch, and is available for sale with all the major retailers. Seeing the results of months have planning, ideas and work finally live and for sale is a wonderful feeling. I could have procrastinated, researched and planned for ever but was inspired by a quote from the book itself:
"Sometimes you simply have to find the courage to take the first step.’
To choose a direction. To make a decision.
And then to stop thinking and simply start"
Now I find  myself writing my first ever blog post and taking another step down the path that leads to me reaching my goals and dreams. I've gone from being a user of Facebook and not much else to suddenly realising how huge the social media world is and how powerful a tool it can be. It's kind of daunting, with so much to learn, however it's also hugely exciting and the challenges it presents are being tackled with enthusiasm and hunger. 
The first step however was the hardest to take but is has been taken and hopefully it will be the first step on an incredible journey.