Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Little Buddha - where to buy update

Just a reminder as to exactly where you can purchase online The Little Buddha ebook.

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The Little Buddha ebook - Take friendship and Peace with you wherever you go.

Seth Godin

Once again Seth Godin has written another inspiring and thought provoking post on the new reality.

I wrote in a previous post how the ebook industry is not only an exciting place to be right now but also it's an industry that is proving that despite a worldwide economic recession...the money hasn't actually disappeared, it's just moved to new places.

Over the course of this year I've noticed a general "feeling" from people who are now bored of several years of economic crisis and have accepted  that things are simply not going to return to the way they were before. This doesn't mean success and growth won't return, of course they will, the world's economy has always moved in cycles of boom and bust. However the next boom won't be created by people doing what they did before the bust, it will be created as Seth points out far more eloquently than me, by people creating new opportunities, by people deciding to take charge of their own destinies, careers and projects, The internet obviously has a huge part to play in this, it serves to make your marketplace a global one, it helps to remove gatekeepers and barriers to entry and it enables greater cooperation and sharing of ideas.

Now is the time to be busy, to start, to continue, to take charge of your ideas and your future and to be a part of the new reality.

Apple Won’t Talk About iBooks Sales - eBookNewser

Apple Won’t Talk About iBooks Sales - eBookNewser

eBooks growth!

The tail end of last year saw on a daily basis dozens of stories highlighting the growth of ebook sales. This seems to have died down now as ebooks become an accepted part of the landscape.  As a newcomer to the world of ebook publishing these stories are both encouraging and motivating.

A recent article on Kobo's expansion plans on ebooknewser again is incredibly enlightening as to the state of this fledgling industry. We're living in a world of social spending cuts by governments and 3 years into the "economic crisis" (is it a crisis or the new reality?). However the growth of ebooks and companies such as Kobo proves that the money hasn't so much disappeared as moved elsewhere. Those of us fortunate enough to be in the world of eBooks would seemingly have a bright future! Definitely something to be be optimistic about!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So the project has started, months of ideas, planning, researching and work have been realised, you've taken the bold step to release it into the wild and there it is, alive! You have an almost parental pride in your project and
"share" it with everybody you can and in every way imaginable way.

However as every parent knows, the hardest work is yet to come, the task of growing and raising your project has now begun.

Keeping the impetus and motivation going is difficult, there's so much to learn, there's so many other projects that seem to be walking and talking whilst yours has yet to start crawling. If I take the wrong path will it alter it's growth forever, what can I do to improve the chances of it's future success and make sure it grows up to be a fully rounded and healthy business?

The answers are as numerous as they are complicated, however the approach remains this same as starting, this was a planned project, not an accident, so you need to be calm and confident with what you're doing and above all be courageous, believe in what your doing and soon enough everybody else will too.